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Jacob Miklasz

Jacob, originally from Dekalb Illinois, is a current 4th year architecture undergrad at the University of Illinois at Chicago. After initially completing coursework at NIU for theatrical set design, Jacob rekindled a passion for Architecture after visiting Dublin, and later research into the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, BIG, and OMA. For Jacob, Architecture sits at a critical nexus of design, theory, and realization that draws to his varied interests in everything from grand scales of ideas to the intricacies of drawn details and model building. Particularly, Jacob is interested in residential design as a reflection and suggestion of lifestyles, as well at the study of scales of cities and their associated organizations in pursuit of negotiating the urban and suburban landscapes.

Outside of classes, Jacob is an office aide at the College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts, and is a board member of the student group Arquitectos. He enjoys attending Architectural events around Chicago, including lectures at the Graham Foundation and the Chicago Open house, where he has previously volunteered. Jacob also enjoys photography, dog sitting, rowing, and strategy-based games.