the future

How can architecture make tomorrow better?  That’s something as architects we are always pondering.  Now in our third year of business, MSA is embarking on creating a place to explore this idea.  Our new building in Logan Square will incorporate all the things we love.  

The first floor will be an experimental commercial space.  Will Mike finally get to have a coffee shop?  It will also house a conference room and a gym for the MSA team to stay fit.  The second floor will be an open office with ample work space (yes, everyone gets a desk this time) and comfy lounge seating.  The third floor will be a rental apartment unit.  Maybe a place for our clients between homes (or our team members between personal renovation projects)?  The fourth floor will be an experimental residential space (AKA glass box for Mike).

This building is an opportunity to explore ideas for how to live, work, and play.

Follow us throughout the year for new developments.  We’re looking to break ground this fall!